April 14, 2013

Can I add a day to my weekend, please?

What an eventful weekend!! I did SO much and didn't accomplish anything at all....oops. 
Can I have one more day please?!

Friday afternoon I went on a lovely walk by the river and didn't take any good pictures (add that to the list) but my friend John did- so photo cred goes to him! And yes, thats my right side.

I also got sunburned.

Saturday- got my oil changed (pretty exciting, I know) and Drew got a car wash. Winston ran errands with us :) Drew's dad thinks that these two cuties look alike- what do y'all think?!

Saturday after car errands, I got to see Cara! Freakin finally, man!!! Its been since last summer, and I've already whined about how much I miss her here. She was only in town for the weekend visiting her fiance, but it was so good to see her :)

(ADD THIS TO THE LIST TOO, its a bad one) 
Saturday night, Drew and I met up with Sar/Sarah and RP3 (Sarah's man/Drew's bestie) and finally got to meet Sarah at Scissors and a Whisk, Stephanie at The Vintage Modern Wife, and their Matts! And I have no photo to prove it. Bummer! We got way too loud playing Cards Against Humanity, committed a few party fouls, and just had a great time. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again!

Sunday afternoon, Drew walked by with that thing and announced that he was going to buzz his head. So naturally I helped him. 

Also, this. HOW CUTE ARE THEY!? 

Don't forget to check out my recital video and help me with my birthday post!!

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  1. Did Drew do this all naked, except for the socks and shoes? 'Cuz that's totally what it looks like, and I'm giggling because I'm just thinking about driving by and seeing that. Hilariously awesome.

    Happy Monday Paigers!

  2. Yes please! One more day would be awesome!

    Looks like a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Hi Paige! Just hopped over to your blog and looks like a great weekend! My little man's name is Drew so I have a fondness for that name. :)

  4. I would kill for a three day weekend EVERY week!!!

  5. I'm still working on getting you some ideas for your birthday post! When do you need them by?