April 26, 2013



I feel like its been forever you guys!!! I have just fantastic news for you:

My paper is DONE and GONE from my sight, and my presentation on the paper is over and life is good!!
Well, better at least ;) One more week of school craziness, finals (just two thankfully!!) and then I'm free for the summer!!

But JK.....I'll be in summer school and teaching. But still, theres just something about the word SUMMER that is so liberating!

So lets do a little happies and crappies because I met Sarah and Stephanie and they are pretty rad!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


Poor baby has been sick ALL week! How sad/pathetic is he?! :( Hoping he gets better soon!!

Absolutely heartbroken because Winston isn't here anymore :( And my brother posted this photo....maybe or maybe not to rub it in my face. MEGA puppy withdrawal happening here in Waco right now...

And I have no photo for it, but this week kind of sucked because I had a research paper due and then a presentation on said research paper yesterday.


Paper and presentation are OVER! Happy Friday to me!! :)

I got a super happy email from Samantha this morning saying that I won her Glam Grab giveaway and I'm SO excited!! Thank you, lovely lady!!

What originally was supposed to be (what we fondly named it...) a "Hormones and Happy Hour" sesh, turned into a hangout with Drew and one of his good buddies. BUT I got to see Sarah at our beloved Chuy's which is always the best! Thank you, photobombing waiter....

NOW- a final few things:

1) Have you helped me with my birthday post yet?? Its coming up!
2) What photo filtering/editing apps do you use on your phone?

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  1. Haha, photobombing waiter.
    What sort of teaching do you do?
    And I'm assuming since you listed "flute player" in your small little bio, you must be really good! Do you get to play much these days, or is that what you teach?
    Sorry - first time here. :) Maybe you've talked about these things before. Off to check out some archives now...