April 20, 2013

Music and Feelings go hand in hand, really...

First of all, if anyone out there cares, I'd like to apologize for being incredibly unreliable (as a blogger at least) for the past week or two....but I guess we've all been living in the same world this past week.

Inconsistency was #1 on my list, by the way.

-Concerts are coming up.
-Research paper is due Tuesday.
-Winston has been here for two weeks (duh, he gets all the attention....)
-Lack of ability to devote my emotions to "worldly" things this week...

"All I know is I'm not home yet
This is not where I belong
Take this world and give me Jesus
This is not where I belong"

These tragedies have affected us all in one way or another. Heck! There was a massive earthquake in China yesterday(?), people!!

Living in Waco, West, TX is affectionately a neighbor town of ours. We love the people, we love the Czech Stop, and we love our faculty, students, and alumni (over 200) that reside in West. The explosion on Wednesday was a truly horrible thing. As Baylor students, we had friends and family from all over the country calling to check on us, but I can't even think of how this affects US when there are so many people seriously hurting 15 miles away.....please think of the little town of  only 3,000 residents and realize that there is NO one living there who was not impacted.

If you are not near Waco, there is still a desperate need for blood donations. And there are also ways to give monetarily. All the displaced need clothes and living supplies, and the kids need school supplies to they can continue their education in a new place. If you are interested in donating, please let me know!

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, mvt. 3
(if you want to hear the rest, which I know you will- the links are in the description on youtube!)

Tonight the Baylor Symphony Orchestra has the privilege of performing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, which is considered to be the absolutely pillar of Western classical music.  Above is just a little bit of the heart-wrenchingly beautiful third movement performed by LA Philharmonic. Holy cow, y'all. PLEASE take the time!!

Our orchestra conductor, Mr. Heyde, said it perfectly in our dress rehearsal last night- our country (and others) have experienced tragedy beyond this belief this week, so wide spread. What you might not know is that Beethoven wrote his epic 9th Symphony (which I PROMISE you know, since the fourth movement birthed "Ode to Joy") during a time of tragedy and trauma in Germany in the 1800's, and this 9th Symphony and "Ode to Joy" portrays Beethoven choosing joy in spite of the chaos in the world surrounding him...

How more relevant can we get?! Way to go Beethoven.

To hear the famous "Ode to Joy" in context, skip to a little before 14:00

Now, I hope I'm not boring you with my classical music rants lately, BUT OH MY GOODNESS it is my desire for our generation to recognize the relevance and beauty STILL behind such a sacred art form. 

Maybe I'll get back to more "normal" posts soon.....but y'all this is it. This is my life and my calling and what I plan on pursuing with all my heart.

What has helped you get through this week?

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