April 16, 2013

song without words

I started writing some sort of sad post about how I'm just upset with how the world is even going....and then I deleted it three different times....so I'll just leave it at this: Although I feel very removed from the situation since my physical distance is so far away, I feel incredibly emotionally connected to the tragedy in Boston. Families, friends, and helpers: you are all in my prayers.

I was planning to publish another video from my recital today, and to me it fits perfectly with how I feel.

Yes, its Bach. Which means its boring, right?


Take a listen and let Bach's writing speak to you....a song without words.

To me this movement (from a four movement Sonata) is about pain, anxiety, and beauty- all in one....maybe even similar to the cruelty of what happened to our country yesterday alongside the amazing acts of selflessness that were (and still are being) witnessed.

I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and feeling renewed in your commitment to not take any day for granted! I will try to join you in that :)


  1. More videos!!!!!! I'm LOVING this!!!!

  2. You fed my soul today. Complete with goosebumps. Thank you, friend!

  3. Bach is many things, but not boring. And this piece proves it. LOVE!