April 6, 2013


You guys. I honestly had so much fun at my recital!!
It was great and I felt so loved by my family/friends/professors that showed up to support me.
In the very near future I will look back on how I did and watch/listen to recordings and share them with you, but right now I just wanted to say WOOHOOOO!!!! Its over, I did it, it was great, and I'm SO ready for a little rest/relaxation.

Enough about my recital for now, and more about it later, but for now I want to talk to you about my birthday!!!

In a month from today, the 6th of May, I will be turning 24. (Yes, I just revealed my age)

I have this dream, this birthday wish....and on my birthday, I would LOVE to produce a post about "What I wish I would have known when I was 24/what I hope to know when I am 24."

What advice would you give to your 24 year old self?
What do you hope to achieve by the age of 24?

On May 6th, my hope and dream is to create a birthday post based on you, my lovely blogger friends, about  the questions I just posted.

Will you help me?! AWESOME! I love you ;)

Send me a comment answering the previous questions, or send me an email at paigebrownflute@gmail.com if you'd rather it be a little more personal! The goal is that on my birthday, I will have 24 answers by 24 of you to share- and I will link back to all of your profiles!

Y'all are the best. Seriously- so sorry for the lack of posts recently, and now that my recital is over I'll do my best to get back on track!!

PS, Winston is here for a whole week OR two! SO HAPPY.

And he's watching Mad Men. We're just getting into it.

You guys are the best! Hope you've had a good week! :)


  1. Ahh so exciting!!! I don't know what I would tell my 24 year old self - probably not to worry if things haven't gone to plan. Right now, I think "Oh we will have done this, this and this by the time I'm 24" but as lovely as my plans are, things change and life happens! Best to enjoy it and not stress! (Please remind me of this closer to the time! :p)

  2. Well, since I turn 24 just four months (and ten days) after you do, I don't have very long to achieve something by the time I turn 24. I think I would like to challenge myself to do at least one exciting thing this summer instead of just sitting around working and researching. My advice to my 24-year-old self would be this: don't take the safe route when applying to PhD programs - find somewhere I might never have another chance to go, and apply. The worst that can happen is that I don't get in! (Partially inspired by you moving to England...)

  3. PS Say hi to Winston for me!!! And I can't wait to hear your recital! Especially the piece you played with Drew and your dad :)

  4. Congrats on your recital girl!!!! And oh goodness what would I tell my 24 yr old self?? I wouldn't have thought this question would be so hard for me to answer! Definitely don't sweat the small stuff and to be grateful for each and every day I have without taking life or things for granted!

  5. Doo all of the things you want to do before you're 25. I know...that was so anticlimactic. LOL. The older you get the more chicken you get.

  6. Ooh what a great idea!!

    Let's see...what advice would I give myself 6 years ago...Yep, 6 years lol.

    I would say: "Hey you, you need to dump that guy you're dating because he is NOT the one and you're just wasting your time! Open a mutual fund and start investing!! Start exercising now or you'll just make it harder for yourself later. Spend as much time with your girlfriends as possible, they'll all be married and/or pregnant soon enough!"

    That about sums it up. :)

  7. If I could tell my 24 year old self something, I would tell her that almost nothing really matters. It doesn't matter how skinny you are, how pretty you are, how good of a flute player you are, how much better or worse you are than her or him or them... what really matters is how much you laugh and how much fun you're having. You'll never be perfect and that thing you're worried about, doesn't really mean much in the end. Just laugh, have fun, do the best you can. Don't worry, be happy!

  8. Oh my gosh, I love this. I'm gonna answer both questions:

    1) What advice would you give your 24-year old self (and granted this was only 3 years ago, so not too long...): You're going to have to love with all your heart for the next few years because your best friend will pass away and it will be rough. But since she hasn't yet, you're gonna need to suck it up. Just because you live 2200 miles away from her doesn't mean you can't call her every damn day, because you have no idea when you'll talk to her last. Go home a lot and insist that you go with her to all the chemo appointments, not just the first half an hour. Hug her. People beat cancer all the time, but good people die from it too.

    2) What did you hope to achieve before age 24? I wanted to complete my master's degree (I got it during my 24th year, so I'm gonna say that totally counts) and I wanted to live by myself away from home (check).

  9. I'd definitely tell my 24 year old self to not worry so much. Things will figure themselves out and happen at the right time-- you don't have to have it all figured out right now. Oh and also to save more money! :)

  10. Dear 24-year-old Bethany,
    Cameron? Yea, he's the one. You guys will get married in a few years. It will be really a wild ride to get there, and you'll doubt yourself and the relationship. But trust me - it's gets WAY better. I'm not going to spoil anything. :)
    And chill out, for goodness' sake. You stress way too much about every little thing, and it's not good for you!
    Enjoy your effortlessly skinny self now because in a few years, you're actually going to have to work out to stay slim.
    Life moves super fast! It's been nearly 5 years since I was your age, and everything feels...the same. It doesn't seem like it could be THAT much time that's passed.
    It's really hard to make friends as you get older and move to new places, and everyone else moves to new places. Keep in touch with the ones you have - it's important, even if you don't SEE them much.
    You're going to be fine. Things almost always work out. And don't forget about God. He's always there, waiting for you to come back around to Him, which you will. But honestly? Sooner is better than later! He helps out a lot with the stress and anxiety.
    Sincerely, Future Bethany