April 26, 2013

Soooo, I went shopping....

So Drew and I have this little habit of winding down after a week (or seven) of crazy by going shopping. 


Potentially.....but normally its just "window shopping," or I find my favorite toothpaste on the clearance aisle at Target which is Always exciting!

Today I bought things. Oops! The deals were just too good- so I'll share ;)
And my tip is that these items were actually much cheaper in the store than the "clearance" price online!!

Shop stop #1- Marshall's (FAVE!)

exhibit A of my super impressive photog skills

Cynthia Rowley top, that I absolutely cannot find anywhere online!
I promise I'll be on the search for something similar.
I love this top because it has a simple, flattering cut, and has a light yellow under-layer!

Tuxedo, color-block, blousey tank?! YES please!
I feel like I don't even need to explain myself on this one.
Violet and Claire- super weird Japanese website....I'll try to find this elsewhere as well ;)

Shop stop #2- Old Navy

Lovely fitted slouchy T under $10? I'll take it!!
(online $12.50...I got them for $10 and then 20% off in stores!)

Rockstar zipper skinnies I've been eyeing forever but didn't want to dish $34.50 out on?
($30 still online-I got them for $18.95 and then 20% off in stores)
I actually bought these in brown, but couldn't find a photo.
Super comfy, slightly pointed toe, and $8.95?!? You betcha I snatched those up without even thinking!!
($19 online, but I found them in stores for $8.95 and 20% off!)

I'm definitely feeling like it was a successful outing over all! Excited to style these new pieces and to figure out how they will fit into my wardrobe! Woohoo!

Happy weekend, y'all!


  1. Super cute!!! Come shopping with me :)

  2. Cute stuff. Looks like something you'd wear. Haha!!

  3. Ahhh i feel the need to shop now! I acrually did a little shopping last night at Target (where else??) but I have the urge for more!

  4. Those are GREAT steals! I think I'm going to have to treat myself to a little retail therapy after my finals are over this week ;) Also, Old Navy? A fave of mine!

  5. Very cute, found you via the blog lovin hop now following you

  6. Good lord, how I love Marshalls and Old Navy for finding clothes...I'm very quickly becoming a fan of Cynthia Rowley!

    Found you via the Bloghop, looking forward to reading more! :)

  7. super cute finds! Found your blog through the link up- following! Alex