April 23, 2013

Anyone there?

Apparently I lost some interest with all my classical music speak as of late...
Sorry about that.

Actually....I'm not really sorry because thats what I'm passionate about and music is generally where my full heart and soul is!! So occasionally, I'll stray back to rambling about music and I hope thats ok with you!

Speaking about my full heart and soul....can your full heart and soul reside in several places?

I think yes.


This little face....

Itty bitty freakin adorable snuggly BABY!!! Ok he's 4, but he'll always be a baby to me!!

I'm pretty sure this is the look I got when I told him he had to get up. Sassy pants!! 
"You want me to do what?...."

And these two faces. Heart and soul, baby! Love how much they love each other.

Now I don't even mind that you see my lack of make up and drippy hair because just look at that handsome little man!!!!!

As some of you know, Winston (puppy) was my parent's replacement for me when I left home. They did a good job, no?! Seriously though, I can never have enough time with him. I was his "mommy" for the past two weeks and loved every minute of it!! My parents took him home after the Beethoven 9 concert this past Saturday and I'm having MEGA withdrawals! 

Now...I still need to finish my paper, but I just needed to share these precious faces with you!

Don't forget! Have you helped me with my birthday post yet? Coming up soon!!


  1. Ah, he's adorable!!!!


  2. I love reading about your music and whatnots, I just don't have anything to add to it! Love the puppy :D


  4. I can't handle the photos of Winston. JUST SO CUTE. It makes me miss my puppyyyyy