October 29, 2013

Never Ever Ever...

Never Ever Ever...

Never ever ever have I taken this many baths in a row. (Ok, I realize that probably needs an explanation....) 

We have this interesting shower situation. There are separate faucets for both hot and cold water on one side of the tub, with a shower head on the Other side of the tub. I realize that it is this way because the shower head was added on waaaay later....BUT the shower head has a power BUTTON. How weird is that? Also, outside of the bathroom there is a switch that says "SHOWER" that needs to be on for the shower to work. So I'm telling you all of this to say that the shower currently hasn't been working. Since last Thursday. Turn the switch on (that means hot water routed to the shower head), press the button, FREEZING WATER. Not a fun little progression there. So, in order to avoid freezing cold showers in 50 (excuse me, 10) degree weather, we have been resorting to baths. I do NOT like baths....its just dirty and ew and I'll end that rant right there. (also, washing your hair in the sink is hard work!!!!) 

All that to let you know that my hair hasn't felt properly clean in almost a week. FUN TIMES AT THE OLD DAIRY.

Never ever ever have I been such an adventurous food try-er! (Yes, I know auto correct, try-er is not really a word....) 

Since I have been in England I have tried jellied eel, smoked eel, sushi of all kinds, seaweed, salmon (I know I know, whats wrong with me...), wet walnuts with salt (um, YUM), various veggie chips ("swanky veg" is my favorite...because of the name) and I feel there there must be more than that, but I can't think of anything at the moment.

Never ever ever will I turn into a tea drinker.

Sorry England, its not you, its me. Coffee coffee coffee coffee....

Never ever ever have I been without Mexican food for a whole month.... WAAAH. 

Someone box up some Chuys/Los Cucos/Ninfas/etc and ship it to me ok??

Never ever ever have I played this much flute in one month. 

Ok, thats a lie. I know that the combination of practicing, rehearsals, and concerts racked up quite a few hours while I was in school. But this is different....no rehearsals, no concerts, no chamber music, no homework (kind of...) just practicing the flute. I might just get good while I'm here!!!

Never ever ever have I received a letter while I've been here. 

SAD DAY, Y'ALL!!! I'm not silly enough to post my address on the internet, but the Army has forced me to fall in love with letters, and if you love writing as well, I'd love to hear from you!! (So many commas in that sentence, sorry...) Leave me a comment saying if you'd like to write and I'll write you back with my address!!

*I have yet to download and try the blogging app that I was advised to use (I promise I will!!) But today I'm linking up with this awesome chick that dressed up as Robin Sparkles for Halloween. I mean, come on. Her name is Stephanie and she blogs at Vintage Modern Wife- go check her out!!!

So for now, no links and no high quality photos the size that I would like them to be....oh well! 

Happy Month-iversary, England! Its been interesting ;)


  1. I will write you (even though I live an hour away!)

  2. I'll totally write to you--how much do letters cost from the US to get to Europe? I feel like I should know that...