October 13, 2013


Currently... I am listening to the beautiful sound of steady rain in an otherwise completely silent area of the world. The rain is not working wonders for my need to practice at least 5 hours a day while I am here- all I want to do is wear sweatpants and read a book in my bed!

Currently... I am reading The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Its an absolutely gorgeous story. I loved Gatsby, and this book was laying around our dairy when we got here so I decided to give it a go! Currently life is "beautiful", but since I'm about half way through I'm guessing the "damned" part will be coming soon. (**this is NOT a spoiler, I'm just loosely interpreting the title)

Currently... I am BEYOND THRILLED and so so so INCREDIBLY PROUD of my handsome talented man!! Not only has he started his job with Pershing's brilliantly (in my slightly biased opinion), but he just won a second job as the 3rd trumpet in the Annapolis symphony! Two jobs fresh out of school?! If I weren't so pleased I might be jealous!! Love you sweetie- SO HAPPY for you!!

Currently... I am missing easy internet access for the sake of easily keeping in touch with family and friends. Hopefully this will be remedied soon, but we are trying not to get our hopes up.

Currently... I am missing the following things: a dishwasher, a functional dryer, central heat, a shower that has a full curtain, and my pillow.

Currently... I am enjoying the following things: crumpets, black currant jam, evening walks with Trevor, and the company of my new roommates.

Currently... I am enjoying REAL fall weather for a change! My sweaters and vests (excuse me- "waist coats") are getting good use in England so far. 

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