October 8, 2013

First week in England!

Hi friends!
England is beautiful and green and every bit as picturesque as I had imagined.

I got a bit scared because the first day we had to use the heater already...but ever since its been very nice, maybe a high of 60? Sometimes our walks are quite cool (temperature wise), but we always end up having to strip jackets off because the hills are pretty extreme!!!

Its been absolutely flute all day everyday, the way that it will stay for  most of my time here.

I have a few pictures to share (if I can get them to work!!) that I took during our walks to and from Trevor's house.

My roommates and I live in "The Old Dairy" which actually used to be the dairy. Yes, cows used to live in our rooms!! I'm sure it wasn't carpeted at the time though ;)

Life has been a little interesting since we are having to get used to a slightly different way of life. For example, each electric outlet has a switch on it. So not only does the appliance have to be turned on, but the outlet has to be turned on as well! And there is a meter that you have to feed...we already made the mistake of letting it run out so our power went out in the middle of a clear day! Then we realized that we had let to meter run out...

Alrighty- WELL, Because of the terrible internet situation we have going on, this is now almost a week later!

I was worried that it would be cold, but it has been absolutely lovely! It gets chilly at night and its very moist here, so the hills are beautifully foggy in the morning but the sun comes around and burns it off. Right now I'm sitting outside wearing a light sweater and jacket looking across the street at a church built in the 12th century. GORGEOUS.

So far we have been practicing and adjusting to Trevor's classes. We have class on Monday's and Thursdays. The other days we practice (all day), take walks, and cook!  We literally live next door to chickens, across the street from horses (we just bought mints to feed them so they will like us...), and down the street from sheep! The story book kind. Absolutely adorable. Also, when we walk to Trevor's there cows at the top of the hill that we say "Good Morning!" to (in a British accent, of course) and occasionally the "moooooo" back. Its the little things, right?


  1. Absolutely beautiful :) Sounds like it is going to be an excellent adventure!

  2. I love these posts!
    I went to London for three days while I was studying abroad this summer and I miss it terribly. Seeing your photos makes me smile to think about England, or just the UK in general. :) I hope it's all wonderful and everything (including your internet) gets sorted out!