October 22, 2013

Flute update and OOTD, rainy England style!

I haven't been taking nearly as much time for blogging as I thought I would. The past year, blogging was my outlet and the way that I chose to use my little bit of downtime, to relax and let my emotions and experiences out in a creative way.

In England, my creative juices are absolutely churning, but mostly I'm taking time to write emails and journal for myself and to keep a log of my flute progress.

To bring you up to speed if you are wondering why in the world this Texas girl is in England...

I'm extremely fortunate and blessed to be studying the flute with Trevor Wye as a member of his private studio. Trevor is a world renowned flutist and teacher- most of the flute world has studied from his publications at some point or another. SO, I am here to soak up as much as I can as far as the flute and his stories/teaching goes. 

Let me tell you, in less than a month I know that I have already learned so much!! It isn't extremely pleasant to have someone point out your biggest flaws as a musician bi-weekly (some that you didn't even realize you had!), but that is why I'm here!! We are constantly in a state of being picked apart....but the growth that comes from that process is tremendous. Its emotionally draining and exciting!!

Alright, enough about flute for now :) Today I'm excited to link up with one of my favorite fashion blogs, Walking in Memphis in High Heels. Her challenge was to style fur for the fall (mine is faux, of course). So thanks to my awesome roomie, Katie, I'm showing of my fur vest....that I wear a LOT here in England! And wellies, of course, because its raining. Always. 

***bare with me...I'm not very good at blogging on my ipad so I can't figure out how to post html or link back to people....urg. Any great apps out there?!

I'm maybe a little excited to finally make use of this vest....I actually wonder why I bought it living in Texas....oh well ;)

In the next few days I'll try to post a few more photos (including puppies, a bird taller than me, a house older than the US, etc...) along with some stories from the past week or so! 

Can you believe I've been in England almost a month already?! 

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  1. First, I love your vest, super cute:) Second, I think it is so great you are doing what you love and enjoying the process of discovering how to better yourself as a musician, very admirable!