December 13, 2012

Wish List!

It is completely unfortunate that I get weekly reminders of how I can not afford nor do I have the reason to buy all these lovely items that BHLDN has to offer. 

But seriously, if anyone wants to buy me a nice present this year, just browse the whole website and choose literally anything. They are fantastic!!

I wanted to specifically share the add for these beautiful dainty rings. I am a huge fan of the vintage dainty ring trend. I'm lucky enough to have an heirloom vintage ring that belonged to my great grandmother. What a treasure! If I had it on me, I would share a picture with you all- something to look forward to, I suppose!

This specific ring might be my favorite that BHLDN has in stock right now, but it is so hard to choose!

What is your favorite BHLDN item?

But in other new, I got to spend more quality time with my roomie yesterday, and we took a little trip to Kohl's.

Don't you just love their sales??

On top of having a great time with Christina, I scored this beauty! So excited :)

ELLE Lace Peplum Top in Ivory (find it here!)

Loving the specific ivory of this lace- a little bit cream, but with a hint of grey! Very vintage.

Also, check out that velvet bow! The color is just perfect. They also have the shirt in navy and teal as well!

Today I'm matching my new shirt with some burgundy skinnies and flats! This might be my favorite holiday look- although I'm still admiring that shiny LC by Lauren Conrad dress you see in the background of the picture.

What are you wearing this holiday season?


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