December 4, 2012

Thrifting Away!

Today I had the lovely honor of spending time with my roommate!
(One would think roommate = lots of time together, but then you get to factor in the grad school and the student teaching and the outside jobs and the blah blah blah and it is not enough time together!)

Boy, do I love this woman.

Did I mention she's engaged? In August I get to be in the wedding of two super wonderful people- Michael and Christina! I'm pretty sure its going to be a rockin' occassion. I'm excited.

This is a picture of my most precious roommate, Christina, and my favorite kitty ever, Adelle!

Today we decided to see if our local Plato's Closet would do us the favor of buying a few un-used items from us- and they did! Maybe not quite as much as I had hoped, but any little bit makes a difference.

Then, I of course turned around and spent the money that I made on new clothes! (Oops?)

Here is a quick snapshot of today's bargains:

Simple neutral striped boatneck T from Gap- $7!

Fun navy (darker in person) shimmer skirt from LOFT- $12!

How would you style my new shirt or skirt? What is your favorite bargain clothes venue?

One last musing! Welcome my little (from our music fraternity Mu Phi Epsilon), Kate back to blogger! She is an incredibly intelligent Master's student at FSU studying musicology (super cool, right?!) and is also an avid reader! In her blog she records her musings and reviews of the books that she reads- you are sure to hear about some great reads!