December 18, 2012

Houston Christmas

Top: Ann Taylor LOFT
Skirt: H&M (from a trip to Belgium in 2010)
Shoes: Target (now on sale!)

Today's Christmas break activities included following Winston, shopping, and tanning. 

Ok, maybe not tanning, but it was seriously 80 degrees today!!! Not alright with me. Let a girl wear her tights, boot socks, and scarves, am I right? Suppose I can't complain about getting to bust out the super bright red H&M skirt that I don't feel comfortable wearing in any other season.

Christmas shopping with my family is always exciting. We have this little thing we like to call "amnesia shopping."

I'm guessing that you are thinking "What in the world is amnesia shopping?"

Let me enlighten you:

Ever had trouble picking out stuff to buy for a family member? Ever heard a family member say "Ooooo, I like this!" and then not buy it? 

That is exactly how "amnesia shopping" was born. Basically...

1. Go shopping as a familial unit
2. Pick out stuff you like
3. Show mom/dad/brother
4. Take note of what they picked out
5. Leave the store
6. Go back and choose what you liked out of what they liked, and by the time presents get opened you   
    usually hear a lot of "Oh, I forgot about that sweater/book/necklace!" 
7. Everyone is happy!

Pretty fun, huh?

How do you shop for family and friends?

Thanks again to the amazing Sarah for her photo talents!!


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  1. Loooove your skirt and I love the idea of amnesia shopping!!