November 6, 2013

Sunset Blessings

The sun has started setting around 4:30 everyday, and it will continue to set earlier until the shortest day of the year when we will only have about 7 hours of sunlight.
At first I thought, "wow, this will be a cold, dark and depressing winter..." But I have since decided to look at it differently.
At some point in time I read that in order to live a fulfilling life you should venture outside daily. I completely agree. What do you guys think?
Especially when you spend at least 6 hours a day with your flute and Reichert and Taffanel and is 100% crucial to wander outside, take a deep breath of fresh air, and think about things greater than yourself and the flute.
I'm so blessed to be in such a beautiful area, and with the sun setting so early each day I get to take my practice break, walk outside and over a pretty awesome hill to see the sun set every day.
You know what is so awesome about sunsets?? They are different every day.

I'm enjoying these sunsets so much. I know that I'm not a fantastic photographer, but I'm considering posting weekly with my sunset shots of the week! it is a project of sorts that is becoming very important to me while I'm here.
I love the last shot because you can see Venus on the left side! Venus travels so close to the sun that you can only see it at the right time of year right after the sun sets. So cool!!!
Look up the time that the sun sets in your area and takes break to watch this week. You won't regret it!



  1. The sunsets here are lovely - when it's not raining!!

  2. Umm, these pictures are incredible!! I have been having the same mindset about this winter being dark, dreary and just plain awful! Especially with a mobile baby. It will be hard to be cooped up. But I love your idea! It's worth it to get bundled up each day and venture outside! Even if it's only to the mailbox. But a gorgeous sunset like these would get me out the door as well :)