November 23, 2013

Joyful Two Years

Two years ago in November I was finally introduced to the "cool new trumpet grad student" that my friends (**ahem Christina and Kate**) kept telling me about.

I had graduated from Baylor (for the first time) in May of that year and was spending some time at home teaching private lessons for flute and working at the eye doctors office. It was an occassional joy of mine to re-visit Baylor to spend time with my friends as well as taking lessons with Dr. Arnone while I was there.

One fateful visit at the beginning of November I just happened to be in town for the Baylor Symphony's Mahler concert so I of course was dragged along with my friends (the present day Mr. and Mrs. Culbertson, if my memory serves me correctly). Much to my humiliation, the "cool new trumpet grad student" walked by, in what I now know well as his "pre-concert-getting-pumped mood", and my dear dear friend Christina screams "DREW COME MEET PAIGE!!!!!"

OH My Goodness. Seriously?!

A quick hello and probable hand shake was exchanged and we parted ways and I most likely gave C the stank eye accompanied by an extremely red face...

There was that, never talking to that guy again!!!! But then we ended up at the same post-concert hang (not speaking, of course) and at a mutual friend's recital the next day. The guy had pretty cool glasses, I had to admit....

Thus our friendship was born. Because I worked at an eye doctor's office and had an appreciation for tastefully trendy frames. (Thanks Warby Parker!)

Embarrassingly flirtatious facebook messages were exchanged and I learned in the next week or so that Drew was visiting friends "in some town called like in Houston, right?" for Thanksgiving! Weird.

So Drew ended up a few streets over from me in Kingwood, TX on Thanksgiving 2011. Turns out nothing is open on Thanksgiving (heh) so I made coffee for us (I learned an extremely important detail about him that first "date"- black coffee only) and we hung out for several hours in one of my favorite spots in Kingwood talking about our mutual friends, how he ended up at Baylor, our hopes and dreams, yada yada. I was pretty nervous, but on November 24, 2011 I knew there was something pretty special about this guy.

Fast forward to the present day and we are celebrating two years of Paige and Drew awesome-ness.

In two years I've watched Drew work harder than almost anyone I know and go on to win two jobs. He inspires and encourages me daily! In two years I've watched Drew grow into the man that he wants to be. He pushes me to be a better version of myself. In two years I've witnessed his loyalty to the people that he loves- family, friends, and fellow musicians. I'm happy to be with such lover of God's creation- whether it be people, animals, art....

Happy Anniversary Drew! You make me proud daily and I'm so pleased to be your girl :)

** Photography by Sarah Lake ( from