August 27, 2013

Travel Tuesday- Washington DC Edition

Ever since I read every single one of the Dan Brown books (don't judge me) I've had my little heart set on visiting Washington DC. 

So much history! So much awesome. (two perfect reasons, right?)

I have yet to see all the sights/sites(?) (LIKE ABE LINCOLN)... so its a good thing that I'll be back at the end of September!

I'm not sure if this counts as sight-seeing, but our lovely friends/hosts took us to dinner at a Mexican restaurant at National Harbor and it was FANTASTIC. 

I was pretty skeptical about Mexican food in the DC area being from south Texas (tex-mex snob!) bravo Rosa Mexicano! I highly recommend a trip if you are visiting National Harbor.

Also, they have a Peeps store. 

this is not a photo of the peeps store

Now, I keep saying that I was in DC knowing very well that I was in Virginia and Maryland and wherever and that DC does NOT actually span the entire area- bare with me. 

We ACTUALLY went to DC because I wanted to be touristy, but let me tell you, parking is a nightmare!!! I got a little bit grumpy, but by the time we found a spot it was literally on the street directly in front of the Smithsonian (and free!!) and I was a happy happy camper.

The only part of the Smithsonian we had time to see was the Natural Science museum which was way cool. 
We made a beeline for the shiny things, of course...

I would impress you with my knowledge of rocks, but that would be boring via blog-land so I'll spare you.

Oh, and we saw the Hope diamond!!! Very cool. The picture however did Not turn out cool because of the glass and lights and reflections and well...its in a museum. 

I love museums.

The coolest "sightseeing" adventure for me was definitely visiting the Arlington National Cemetery.

I absolutely love history, and even would consider myself a history buff if it weren't for my inability to remember dates and names even if my life depended on it.... but the people, documents, patriotism, wars, love, families, events, memorials....they are all wrapped up in this place.

Little white stones as far as you can see in any direction...those are all somebody's someone that meant the world to them and everyone else in their lives and its just an overwhelming and humbling place to be if you let your mind wander. That was kind of a run on sentence.

Even more meaningful is how Drew's job fits into all of that history. It was one thing to 'know' what his job was, but it was an entirely different experience to witness in context.

Maybe I'll get him on here one day to tell you about it, because he describes it far better than I ever could. So I'll just leave you with this photo.


I'm currently in Waco saying my goodbyes to the faculty and to Baylor...super sentimental! 

Happy beginning of school to my teacher/student friends and readers!
I hope you all have a great start to a wonderful and blessed year. 

One last question- Have you been to DC? Tell me something that I must see or do that I can add to my list for my next visit!!


  1. I live in Southern MD so we go to DC fairly regularly for various things. Our favorite place to go is the Natural History Museum so I'm glad you went and I don't need to suggest that. =)

    We're actually going to Arlington National Cemetery in two weeks and I'm really looking forward to experiencing it. It was neat to read about and see your pictures. I've never been before!

    One thing I might suggest, if you want some good shopping, go to Pentagon City. The Fashion Centre there is great and they have a new outdoor shopping center just behind the mall that's got some neat places, too! And it's really easy to use the Metro! Plus, the metro brings you out IN THE MALL. It's really quite cool!

  2. Oh wait, you did that. More dinosaurs.

  3. Oh hey there. You hate parking in DC? Haha. Parking is bad in big cities. Including Baltimore (where I lived) which was only a 45-minute drive from DC.

    I love that pic of the Hope Diamond!

  4. I'm so terrified of parking in DC, I just refuse to do it! Metro or bust. (Marie Antoinette's necklace is one of my favorite things in the natural history museum!)

  5. METRO!!!! I never drive in DC. And Rosa Mexicano is that I've moved to Texas and can better judge I still think they are great, there's a location right by the Verizon Center too! One of my two home cities and I love that so much of it is free. Eventually when you're visiting at Christmas time :) I bet you'll love the National tree and all the decorations. It's my favorite time of the year there - especially because of the outdoor skating rinks.

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