August 21, 2013


Hello from Washington DC!

If I had yet to visit monuments I would post some touristy photos for you, but that won't be happening until later today :)

So more on DC later- it's been a wonderful trip so far, and tomorrow I get to take Drew back to Texas with me for a few days!


It's not really a huge shocking ordeal, I mean, it was going to happen sooner or later...right?
Hah-well some days it didn't really seem like graduation day would actually come.

Final project completed, summer class aced, and oral exam passed- my time at Baylor has finally come to an end. (Although I'll actually be there for a few days next week.....but never mind.)

Seriously though, I can't say enough about my time at Baylor.

Like every dramatic and emotional "college kid" I can tell you that there were a few exam seasons and a couple concert cycles that I was pretty sure I wouldn't live through, but here I am on the other side of two degrees and I'm actually breathing still!

-insert dramatic Rocky running the steps with his arms in the air-

So this is a MEGA thank you to my family for supporting me financially and emotionally, to my friends and colleagues for understanding and journeying with me, and to the Baylor faculty for being THE BEST collective school of music faculty to exist. And I really mean that.

(If you ever have an questions about the Baylor SoM or faculty, not only will I answer you, but I will most likely go into full on enthusiastic recruit mode. Sic' em.)

Thank you Schubert family for entrusting your home and cat to me for the summer and for being gracious hosts as well!!

Thank you Dean May for giving me the opportunity to play at my graduation ceremony again :) Ken Starr told me that I was spectacular when he shook my hand and gave me my diploma. It was pretty cool.

So- I'm off to be touristy in DC with my handsome trumpet playing Army man :) Have a blessed week!!


*I meant to post this MUCH earlier in the day, but I don't have my laptop and the silly app wouldn't let me SO thank you boyfriend for letting me borrow your computer. :) xo

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  1. Sic em bears!! I miss Baylor so much; I got my BA there in 2009 :). Congrats on graduating!!