August 15, 2013

More of the good stuff :)

Time for my favorite shiny gold button! 

Do you think people would still read my blog if my entire background was shiny gold?.....yeah you're right.
But I'm totally feeling it right now.

Today I'm linking up with Stephanie and Sarah for "happies and crappies"- go check these girls out. <3 Seriously. 

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


- I PASSED MY ORAL EXAM! Master of Music, Paige Brown, thank you!!!!! :) 

- I can now have conversations on the phone with Drew. Everyday. And if I send him a text message he can actually read it!! Glory Hallelujah, I love technology. 

This is me loving technology (please don't get mad at me for posting this....)

- There aren't any pictures to prove it (this happened last time as well...) but I got to grab a drink with Stephanie! We had so much fun chatting that her husband called at least twice to see when she was coming home ;) 

- Tomorrow morning I graduate from Baylor University (again), drive to home to Houston, and fly to DC where that (^) goofy man is! :) YAY


- Leaving Waco. I'm ready....but I really love this place. I love Baylor, the people, the town, the memories... its going to be bittersweet to say goodbye for good!!!

- Leaving my flute students. Don't. Like. I pour my whole heart into teaching and try my best to be invested, so saying goodbye to them and passing their little flute futures along to someone else is Not my favorite thing to do!!!

Next time you hear from me, I'll be in DC with my Army man :) My major project is over. I finished my second degree. I'm moving to England in 6 weeks!! so I think I can forget about any possible "crappies".....Happy Friday everyone!!!!


  1. I found you through Laura's tweet but thought I would come say hi since we are both moving to England in a month! Where will you guys be stationed at? We will be at Molesworth! Newest follower!

  2. Dropping in by way of the link up and loving your post! Congrats to you, the Graduate! Your sense of humor is great-- please don't feel the shiny gold background for too long or I don't think I can come back and check out the blog without taking my migraine meds!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Dropping by from the link up, and I just want to say that I would totally still read your blog if the background was glitter! I love glitter. =] Also, congrats on your all your happier! It sounds like you had a great week!!! ~Cassie

  4. hi paige! i found you by way of molli's instagram...i'm chris buckley's wife. it was so great meeting drew last week and i'm looking forward to meeting you too, hopefully soon!

  5. You're going to study with Trevor Wye??? That's amazing!! He's a genius. I studied a ton of his books when I was in lessons. How exciting! :)

  6. England! So exciting! How long will you be there!?!? Be sure to take lots of pics and blog about it!!