July 11, 2013

Time Flies!

Aren't you supposed to put at least one picture on each blog post?

(belated) 4th of July Winston

So I've been reading all over the bloggy interwebs that these little blogging "funks" tend to happen in the summer and AMEN sisters, I have one of those too. 

But I'm here to give you a little update on what's been going on over here in Paige/Baylor land!

1) Its my dad's birthday today. Happy Birthday daddy!!!! I don't know if you read this, but I love you! :)

2) My final class of grad school is OVER! Now I just need to get a passing grade and pass my oral exam in August....but no more class, essays, 45 minute presentations, and written tests! Woooohooooo!

3) I finally finally finally, after 5+ weeks, got a phone call from Drew this past Sunday! After several weeks of getting my hopes up and being disappointed, I had convinced myself that my only way of communicating with him until his graduation from BCT in August would be letters. (Letters are GREAT though, don't get me wrong!) So on Sunday, when I was studying my behind off and working on a presentation, I was completely shocked (to tears) to see his name pop up on my phone!! I'm pretty sure I've never been so happy for a 14 minute conversation in my life...but I also know that I'd be content waiting 5 more weeks for another 5 minute phone call. *sigh

Drew is in the center (back) looking studly in his glasses!- source: 1st Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment Facebook page
He's going strong and we're so proud of him! Not to mention thrilled that he graduates in less than a month!!

4) I have 3 weeks to myself-ish to prepare for an upcoming audition (maybe more on that later!), a final independent degree project, and my oral exam before CRAZY ensues. It feels a little like the calm before a storm.... 

Anyone have any tips or advice for staying organized and motivated when you don't have an actual "schedule" to follow? Maybe I'll just make a schedule....and then try to stick to it?

Can you guys believe we're more than a week into July already? Half way through 2013!! Time flies....
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  1. iCal is my best friend!!! I color code "practicing" "music events" "working out" "fun" "work" and "school work". I've heard the calendar on Google works great too!

  2. I always put random pictures on my blog posts...my last post about dating just had a picture of my feet. Classy. Winston is looking adorable, hoping he's giving you lots of cuddles whilst Drew's away!