July 21, 2013

photo journey

I haven't been the best at coming up with new ideas of my own lately, so I like to jump on board with the good ideas of my blog friends to keep me going!!

Today I'm linking up for a recap of my favorite instagram photos as of late :)

Tawny's Tid Bits

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Trip home: cue puppy kisses. And then I got to bring him back to Waco with me!

As I was leaving campus one day I made the wonderful impromptu decision to visit the Waco suspension bridge. God gave Texas some beautiful sunsets, y'all.

I waited 10 days without hearing from Drew before I finally got this letter! He's started a countdown too :) It was worth those 10 days of silence just to get this one note... (and also the MilSOs said: AMEN)

*I love that he writes one the back of the envelopes...cuuuute.

My dear friend Kate sent me a text that somehow inspired me to take this photo to send to her saying "Look I'm wearing the shirt you bought me for my birthday X years ago!!" And then I got a new photo editing app and decided to play.

Which brings us to more playing with new photo editor apps....and a quick shot of my stinkin adorable #modelstatus pup during our sunning expedition this afternoon.

If you already follow me on instagram, YAY, and I'm sorry for the redundant blog post. If not, go follow me on instagram and I won't post anything like this again ;)

Another week down.... (Drew countdown is 17 days, if you were wondering). Enjoy the rest of your weekends and gear up for a great Monday! :)

P.S. Have you checked out PB and Honey's facebook page?? Let me know if you have!


  1. I remember when my husband went off to basic for the marines, I wrote every day. Although I only got like a few letters he said that the letters to him got him through it! Keep those letters!!
    Also, your little man is adorable! I'm sure I've mentioned it at least 2 other times, but here I go again! :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh my gosh, that puppy is adorable! As is the countdown. I love letters. :)