November 17, 2012

Introducing- PB&J!!!

We (Julie and Paige) are VERY excited to start our new adventure-BLOGGING!

Inspired by our lovely friend, Sarah, we decided to create our very own blog.
We enjoy music, cute furry animals, glitter, travel, our loved ones, and fashion!

I (Paige) am a MM student at Baylor University studying flute performance, and Julie is a Spanish lecturer- also at Baylor. She is a WONDERFUL harpist and we absolutely adore playing in the Baylor Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra together!!!

Stay tuned for fashion and fun with Julie and Paige <3


  1. I love that y'all are starting a blog! Fabulous!

    Welcome to the blogosphere, ladies!

  2. Also, this will be super relevant, as you currently have CAPTCHA turned on:

    Click here!

  3. Hi girls! Just coming over to welcome you to Webland, from Sar's place! You gals couldn't have a better friend and blog mentor. ;) Sar was there almost from the very beginning of my blog and still remains one of my 3 most faithful froggers (friends who are bloggers) haha. :) Congratulations and I can't wait to see what you've got!

    And remember... Hang in there when you think nobody's listening, because one day when you're famous, people will start looking back through all of your old posts and you'll want them ALL to look as if you totally knew what you were doing the whole time. Not that you don't! I'm just sayin'... never give up 'cause the fans will come. ;)

    And you guys are already rocking it! Love this!! I'm subscribing. :)