November 18, 2012

First Look!

PB says...

Today Julie and I went on our first photo shoot together! We are super pumped.

BUT, before we really get started here is a little background on PB&J:

I am an intensely preoccupied MM music performance student, while Julie is not only a musician but a Spanish lecturer at Baylor! We love fashion but have to work within the confines our individual budgets AND daily time crunches to create fashion forward looks that compliment not only our personalities but our busy lifestyles. Julie is 5'11 and I am 5'3, so you will find that we have completely different looks but also very complimentary styles.

Julie and I look forward to sharing with you!
Happy Sunday- hope you all had a lovely weekend.

<3 PB&J

Julie is looking deceivingly short (and LOVELY) on the left, and I am on the right! Thanks again goes out to Sar for the amazing photos!!!


  1. Hi ladies! Love your blog and always happy to find fellow Texans ! Please stop my blog and say hello!

    XO ~ Sylvia

    1. Thanks so much! We will be sure to stop by :)


  2. Tres lovely! You are both stunning. :) And way to look "short" J! haha

    So does it feel great to have your second post up? You're veterans now, past the rocky first-post stage. ;D Woooot!

    1. Thanks Eden! We appreciate your support :) and yes, Sarah IS the best!